Helpful commands

  • Linux show file sizes du -sm .[!.]* *|sort -h
  • Kubernetes patch cron job kubectl patch cronjobs <job-name> -p '{"spec" : {"suspend" : true }}'
  • Disable firewall for WSL2 for easy localhost access powershell.exe -Command "Set-NetFirewallProfile -DisabledInterfaceAliases \"vEthernet (WSL)\""
  • Simplest way to convert float/int etc to nullable pandas dataframe type pd.to_numeric(series_data,errors="coerce",).convert_dtypes().astype("Int64")
  • conda install requirements.txt cat requirements.txt | while read x; do conda install "$x" --yes ; done
  • kubernetes get all configs kubectl cluster-info dump --all-namespaces --output-directory=output_dir -o yaml